About Us

             Bruer Island is part of the Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea. It is situated 1.15 hours off the coast of Kawthaung, the most Southern city of Myanmar (Burma).  

             Bruer Island or “SaungGuat Island” was named after it’s curry Burmese – mandolin-like shape. Bruer Island is one of the most more special is the “Twin Beach”. Twins beach lies parallels and you can just walk a few steps across from one beach side to another side so that you can see the blue sea water from the northern beach and the turquoise sea water from the southern. Apart from marine island, the 3 fresh-water falls can sufficiently supply the habitation, on the island where you can relaxing and enjoy your holidays.

             One Day Excursion for snorkeling includes 3 snorkeling points and each is very nice for snorkeling, swimming or laying down on the beach.

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